Volume II

On the Subject of Race

When it came time to planning the second volume of Black Feather Magazine, it became very clear to me that the planned volume, A Portrait of People, had to be put aside. The beauty of Black Feather is that it is fluid and is able to respond to real life events in real time. A Portrait of People will have its moment. But this is not it. This moment belongs to serious discussions about race and race relations. It belongs to understanding the perspective and existence of others. Black Feather Magazine was created to have these discussions and provide a space for diverse voices and experiences to take the stage

Oyinkansola Wumkes is the guest editor of this volume. A more brilliant and talent being, impossible. She has curated a collection of global voices and experiences to talk about a range of topics that are timely and important. It was my absolute honor to work side by side with her and the contributors on this volume.

Michelle Assaad

Editor in Chief